Today in apples


I went apple picking for the first time this weekend. For the five years I’ve lived in the Northeast, October after October I’d make plans to go to an orchard or on a quick foliage jaunt, but it always fell through. Until now.

A small group of friends and I rented a minivan and headed up to Warwick, NY to Pennings Orchard. A few wrong turns later, we’d arrived at the orchard on probably the most perfect day in October. We skipped over the Winesap and Rome sections and headed straight for the Fujis and Braeburns (with a few Golden Delicious thrown in). The verdict? Omigosh go apple picking! Right now! Before they all fall off and/or are picked by people more prescient than yourself!

Apples + foliage

It’s difficult to say what my favorite part of this favorite day was. Actually, nope, it was eating something like a dozen apples through the course of the morning. After eating the first one all the way to the core, I gave up and sampled a bite or two from each tree. We all felt a little guilty tossing the half-eaten apples on the ground, but there were too many trees and too many varieties – each one looked better than the next.

waste not want not?
Just one bite, then on to the next one

Folks, I did my best, and ended up with a full bag all to myself (28lbs or so). Which leads me to the real problem: how do I eat 28lbs of apples before they all go bad? I’ve been eating an apple a day (for health, of course), made a double batch of this fantastic applesauce, turned that into this spiced applesauce cake, but I have at least 15lbs left. Do apples freeze well? I guess I’ll find out!

Fun times!

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